Thursday, 1 December 2011

Welfare Ystradgynlais 25th November 2011

Had a great night at The Welfare, had family in and met a sweet lady Victoria Taylor and her beautiful children who have gone through a traumatic time dealing with, as a family her husbands battle against a debilitating neurological illness called IH, a little known condition. Victoria has written a book called Caitlin's wish, which I am only to happy to endorse.

Caitlin's Wish is an enchanting and moving story based on real life events; an inspiring tale of triumph over adversity.
It follows one little girl's journey as she comes to terms with her fathers life -- changing illness. Unable to accept all the changes in her life, Caitlin cries to herself "Why me? Why my family?"
She hides her true feelings from everyone around her, only confiding in the little robin who sits on her windowsill each day.
She pours her heart out to him, completely unaware of his extraordinary abilities. Rufus the robin arranges a magical trip for Caitlin; to an enchanted world where anything is possible.

Join Caitlin on this magical adventure to Fairyland where she re-discovers her happiness and learns to see life from a new perspective.
Once you've read 'Caitlin's Wish' you'll never see life in the same way again.

The author Victoria Taylor lives in Wales, UK with her husband and 2 children. She began writing as a way of helping her young daughter come to terms with her father's rare brain condition; IH. (Intracranial Hypertension or pseudo tumour cerebri)

The first book 'Caitlin's Wish' was published in 2010 in the hope that it might help other children as well.
It soon became apparent that people of all ages were reading the book; indeed whole families were using it to open the discussions into their own personal situations.
As Victoria had simplified the first book to aim it at a younger audience and now people aged 5yrs old -- 95yrs old were reading it; she made the decision to write a new book based on the original story and so the idea behind 'Caitlin's Wish - Second Edition' was born.

The 2nd book 'Caitlin's Wish - Second Edition' will be available Spring 2012.
For more information please go to

The IH Research Foundation ( and Crossroads Care ( will benefit from a percentage of the royalties from book sales.

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